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Write an article on What really sucks you, and win gifts

What ReallySucks you?

Highlighting the injustice and bad practices which ReallySucks.
The site which disusses and highlights the core issues in today's soceity, to remove it with the help of "We the people" power. Join us and share your experience, and let others as well know about it. Every department/companies might have exception, but we are largely talking about people who are victims of shrewed, who have some traits like below.....

You must have seen the "chalta hai" boss attitude, baaboos hunting for prey who can pay their undergarments cost, traffic police walah's trying to negotiate hard for chalans or some pocket money(good amount of cash haaan) for their kids, police walah's taking support of scruplous and regular offenders and powerful bureaucrats, private chitfund comapnies taking away all the money of hard earned money to spend them in bangkok for f***king reasons,

Some private hospitals have a full fledged business model to earn and reap money out of patients and needy people, without even taking care of patients (as most of the diagnosis is being done by machine assisted labs) and handing over the reports is done by some special enterant medical practitioner(who got seat in medical due to his father's flex power),

Pricipal's in private educational institute want rich students who can provide them ac's in classroom or put american grass in their courtyard of school or in their houses in lieu of marks or seat in the school, some Judges sitting in the court to give a new date without even understanding the real cause or without even trying to find out real culprit,

Private company providing poor service to their customers with no intent of solving issues or poor treatment given by the bosses to their juniors or company exploiting employees for their benefits, Fashion and bollywood industry fighting piracy with no technical background or with old armours, with sleeping attitude (casting couch).

So let's discuss and talk about What ReallySucks.....
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